The Story Of Memorable Moments

Today I am going to share a very special story of meeting my Uncle after a long time.I met him at the right time when I need  proper guidance about my life.I wanted some strength which I lost completely due to complexities of life.I had no way to go.Then I got a news that my Uncle arrived from other country.I had so much desire to meet him because he has always been my favourite uncle.He made my childhood more fun with picnics and whenever my father did not allow me for going out with friends,he was the one who always helped me out by convincing my father.
Now when I was going to meet him after so many years,I did not know how to talk to him,what to talk to him.Many thoughts came to my mind which made me think whether I should meet him or not?Because he always saw me as a happy kid,and now there were so many tensions in my life,so I was thinking whether he will be disappointed to see me in such condition,will he scold me?
But then finally I thought of spending some time together with my uncle.I tried smiling in front of him,but he caught the fake smile.He asked me the reasons for my problems.As he has always been my well-wisher and a best friend since childhood,I told him each and every problem.Then he guided me.He solved all my problems in a matter of minutes.I was amazed to see that how spending a quality time together with our loved ones can really change our life forever.He again brought back my old childhood innocent smile to my face.He not only promised to always discuss my problems with him but also said that he will be visiting India frequently to spend time with me and our family so that we can become each other's strength and motivation.There comes a time when we really need a support from our elders or from our best friend.These few people in our life can make our life really happening and positive.These moments with special people can inspire us to feel good and do something really good in life.My uncle has always been my motivation and again he proved that he is true guide.I am happy to have him in my life.He is with me in my good and in bad times as well.
The time I spent together with him is memorable for me and will always be.We should always keep meeting the people in our life who can really change our life in a good way.#Together


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