Dry Baby,Happy Baby

Hi friends!
Babies are best because they are gift from god.They make our every moment special with their cute smiles and their silly activities.They keep us involved all the time.We feel occupied when they are awake and also in their thoughts when they are sleeping.I have a very naughty baby who is my life .Not only mine,but every family member loves him so much.He makes us laugh with his cute activities.Sometimes he is very active,sometimes very quite.But he looks best when he is involved in his toys world.I will share what makes my baby happy.Not only one thing makes him happy,but there are many things which makes him very happy.
First of all,he loves to take bath and he plays with water in his bath tub.He loves to get dressed up.Not only this he choose his clothes himself and has become really choosy about his things.He selects from many options.And sometimes he become irritated too and that is the reason that I bring pampers dry pants to keep him dry,so that he can enjoy every moment. Pampers is what makes him happy~  http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers

Then roaming in garden makes him happy.He feel good to be surrounded by greenary.He likes to see different colorful flowers.He likes when he sees squirrel running in park.He feel surprised to see squirrel eating the small things.

He likes to dance when he hears any music around.He enjoys watching dance on TV set.He makes me dance too with him,and when I dont dance with him,he tries to force me to dance and this makes him really happy.He is a very happy baby.

He becomes happy with pampers baby dry pants which promises dryness for the baby on the inside .Its magic gel locks in moisture so that baby's skin remains dry and healthy for upto 12 hours .And no doubt that a dry baby is a happy baby as he can do many things when he feel dry and enjoy taking part in his favourite activities.He loves to play with his teddy bears.They are like his best friends.I love my baby so much like every mother and that is the reason I choose only pamper for my baby's comfort and happiness.Only a mother can think good for her baby.
My baby experience a happy morning when he wears new pampers dry pants which are dry .I trust only pampers because most of the diapers only focus on being leak proof and ensure dryness on the outside.But pampers takes good care of baby's skin by being dry on the inside too.If you also care for your baby's skin then try to understand what is good for his soft skin,and choose only pampers.Because babies love to feel dry and not irritated all the time..


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