Optimism For Me

Hello everyone..
Today in this post I am going to share my favourite story of optimism .Optimism for me is everything because I cant imagine my world without optimism in it.Not only me,but noone can live a good life without optimism.Optimism gives us hope for future,strength to deal with current complicated situations,optimism makes us forgive the people and love them by forgetting their past mistakes,hoping that they will change in present and in future for the better.If we are not optimistic,then life will become a living hell for all of us so we need to bring lots of optimism in our life to make our relationships coordial,smooth and long -lasting.Optimism helps us when we have decided to stop beleiving in our worth and when we feel helpless.

I get optimism from our maid.She is working in our family from the time even before I was born.She is like a family worker now and we call her didi.She is the only working member in her family as her husband is not working and drinks everyday.She is a one such strong lady in my life who brings so much optimism in our life as she is very hard-working.She smiles everyday and donot take our miseries in a negative way,She taught me that our problems makes us a strong person and they make our learn many important lessons of life.She sees positivity in every condition.She is a lady full of optimism.She encourages all ladies to work hard to remove their poverty.She is not just strong but very brave.I remember she did not keep good health for few years but when she recovered her dedication towards work was same as before.She educated all her four children,she got them married,and she also made them independant now.She has got immense power to work -hard because from inside she never listens to negative instances of life but she focusses on what is positive.I have read that when we think positive,we attract positive.
And my secret of getting optimism is to think about all things positive and attract them in my life.What we think becomes what we get.

If we stay optimistic then we can really imagine a optimistic world where there would be many opportunities for all,where people will forgive each other easily and will be remain optimistic in toughest situations too.In every aspect of life,we need to see optimism,for example,we need to see optimism in love,in life,and in our work too.

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Stay positive not for others but for your own self because optimism is your only power to stay happy and calm in all good and bad phases of life.Keep motivating yourself every single minute of your day.

Thank You!
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