Start A New Life

Hi all!
I will share how I started a new life by bringing a change in my life.Many years back,after 4 years of my marriage,I took a bold step.We used to live in a joint family of so many members.We all know in joint big families,the responsibilities are big too.Being a daughter-in-law I had to do all household work and also had to take care of my kids.I needed more time for me and my kids.Gradually I noticed that the village where we lived had no facilities for my growing children.I started worrying how they will go to school,how will I arrange for home tutions and how will they travel so far to go to school.Everything was a big challenge.I asked my husband to change the house and buy a new one in a city so that we can provide all facilities to our children and they dont complain to us when they grow up.All the members did not accept this change in the starting but it was not their fault because they could not see the future situation.I could very well see the difficulties my children will have to face in future.I had no say in family decisions.Everyday I used to think new ways of convincing the elders of family.
I was concerned about my children.I could not see that they dont get proper education due to lack of facilities in our locality.Then one day I sat with my mother-in-law and also called my husband and his brothers.We had a long discussion.We discussed how buying a new house can change everyone's life.I suggested them that if we buy a house in a city then we wont have to send our children so far from home and the male members of the home will not have to travel so far to work.They will get many opportunities too.We will have many facilities nearby our home like hospitals in case of emergency,restaurants,parks.Buying a new house will also help us saving lots of money that we used to spend on travelling in buses.It will also save time and that time we can utilise in some other work also.
Everyone agreed after listening to my clear view -points.And I also believe in the saying that-We wish wish something from whole heart,then the whole world conspires to make it happen.It proved true in my case too.I wanted to happiness and I knew that it was possible only if I move to other house.
Afterall we get to live only once,so we only one chance to live life according to our wishes.


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