Time To Make MaxFreshMove

Hey all!

How do you live your life?In the simple way or by doing exciting things?I love making turning every situation into the most happiest situation.And my way of doing such things is by charging the situation with immense energy.I think about dance and music all the time because dancing is my passion and I live my passion everyday and I also love bringing magic to everybody's life.I like to see everyone happy around me because their sadness can make the whole environment sad.So the best way is to remove their sadness and spread happiness all around.Making things happy takes a little effort,all you need is a happy  mood to create happy and fresh memories.Life is all about being happy and keeping others happy as well.So last week,I got this perfect plan to freshen up my life.The idea was to call some amazing singer and dancer to make the evening fantastic for everyone from elders to young to kids.We invited our neighbours too and made them the part of our weekly celebration of life.The singer was Anushka Manchanda.Who doesnt know her,she is famous for her sweet voice and not just her but we also invited for Allu Arjun to shake his body and also make all of us move our bodies.The day was full of fun and we could not thank enough the stars of this party for bringing that extra freshness back into our lives.We kept dancing till night until we got tired.

The energy that we got back in our life was amazing and we felt so packed up with new freshness in our life.Anushka with her beautiful voice stole our hearts and the magic of Allu's dance moves were mind blowing.The day was fully packed up with enthusiasm and every member of our family enjoyed the day.This types of fun is very important in our life so that we dont get stressed in our day to day life.Amidst studies and work, we all need a small break to feel fresh.Everyone's way of feeling fresh can be different but my way is dance and music beats.
Have you ever tried to bring the lost energy in your life back?What things did you do to bring back freshness in your and your loved ones lives?I am sure you must have done something really interesting too just like me.Do share your idea with me!

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