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Hi friends!
We look freshness in everything from food to fashion,our relationships and jobs.We all crave for a fresh life and to make this come true we try to do many things.These things include shopping,watching movies and travelling.But the best way to energize our lives is to Dance and Music because dance and music never fails to make us feel refreshed and energized.
When we come back home from work and want to take some rest,all we need before rest is music so that we can forget all the tiredness of the hectic day and get refreshed for the next working day.Music and dance helps us in feeling relaxed.
We all want to live our lives in the best way,no matter how the life situations are.Being a parent,I only think about how I can bring freshness in my children's life.They study hard and return so tired from school.Sometimes it becomes so hard to bring smile on their face.But as a mother,I decided to make their holidays really fun so that they feel that life is good.Afterall its my duty to make them feel special and bring back their cute smile.
I asked them what they enjoy most.And the reply was 'Dance party'.I dont know dancing but I knew whom to invite for this dance party so that my little kids feel happy.Then me and my husband suggested to invite Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda for this dance party because Allu Arjun's amazing moves can surely make the dance party a rocking party.And when a great dancer is joined by great singer,then comes the best of performances.Children invited all their friends and loved to dance on.They made me dance too.It was a wonderful feeling because the party was organized for children but every member of the family loved to enjoy that day and felt awesome.
Life seems successful when we are able to fulfill our children's wishes.I felt the same when I saw the big smiles on my kid's face.Then I learnt how important it is to try to bring freshness in the life of our family.Because nothing is more important than a happy family.I will keep organising such freshning parties for my little ones because no pleasure is greater than these precious moments.

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