Thank You Dad

Hello everyone!
Father's day is a very special day to thank the best person in our life-Dad.But why only one day to celebrate Father's Day,when we should celebrate it everyday.We can thank him for everything everyday by simply giving him a hug.

 Hug is an expression of love and care.When we hug anyone it shows that we really care for that person.We need to understand the importance of hug in our lives.Relationships failure occurs when we stop caring and showing how we feel for each other.Its not our fault,but due to many reasons we are unable to show our love to loved ones.But we can always show our respect in a very loving style,i.e. by giving a warm hug to our dad.Hug is considered as the best way to express our true feelings for somebody then why should we forget to give this hug to our caring father.Our parents never express our feelings and some times they think that keeping their feeling with them is fine because they dont want to hurt us in any way.They dont want to remind us to show our love to them.But we should understand their silent language which is speaking so loudly that we should show respect and love to them ,not in our free time but every day.Our parents never left us alone even when they had so much important work in life.For them we have always been most important.Then why should we forget them now and that too just for the sake of our busy routine?No,we will be absolutely wrong if we will neglect him any day.They filled our lives with garden of happiness and now its time we do something really good to them.A hug is more precious than other gifts.Hug is all our parents need.

Lets make this Father's day special to the special person in our life who gave us this life,taught us how to live this life,who provided us with all basic needs of life and with education.We are successful because of him only and lets not get so involved in our success so deeply that we forget the person behind our success,who worked day and night to brighten our days.
What can be the most powerful way to say thanks than to gift him a hug.A hug will bring million dollar smile on my father's face.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


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