Hi friends!
For Garnier PureActive Activity I was asked to collaborate with my blogger friend who blogs at Fashion Umbrella blog.And today I will explain how the power of 2 can make anything ‪#‎TwiceAsNice‬.We both are fashion bloggers and fashion is #TwiceAsNice when we both know how to work the latest fashion trends in our favor.Fashion is my forte and shopping is her forte.Without fashion and shopping we both are incomplete and that is the reason why power of 2 can make anything really #TwiceAsNice.
Garnier sent me #TwiceAsNice combo and now I will share my experience using it.
Garnier PureActive has unique combination of nature and Science in the Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash and Garnier PureActive Apricot Scrub.The unique combination of Nature boosted by science makes garnier products #TwiceAsNice.
 I loved using the garnier neem facewash and it works really well on my skin in this summer.It removes oil and dirt.I also loved using apricot scrub.Apricot scrubs has always been my favourite as it suits my facial skin.This scrub removes all dead skin and removes dullness from my face making it clean and soft.I am going to use these products in future too.

My rating~4/5

Do try these garnier products to look fresh and clean this warm season.

Thank You!


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