Dil Ki Deal On Snapdeal

The college fests are always amazing as we get to see lots of performances from the celebs,singers.We get to eat variety of dishes,we enjoy shopping too at the stalls.After watching all the dance performances,eating at my favourite stalls,I thought of doing some shopping.I purchased a nice muffler for me and then I went to khadi stall where all products were of khadi.The khadi shirts caught my attention and I asked to see some more colors of it.I purchased the blue colored half sleeves shirt.Not for me but for my father as he shops very rarely.I loved the shirt and imagined it on my father.I was so excited to gift it to my father because I think it was the very first gift that I bought for my father.When he came to pick me from college,I gifted him the surprise gift.He was so blank and I could see that he was not able to express his joy.But I understood as he asked me for how much I bought it.Then next day my father wore he same shirt I gifted him,The size was perfect.And my father was looking so handsome in the shirt.The color suited him a lot.Whenever he wore that shirt i felt really good and I can say it was a dil ki deal which made me spend pocket money for my father.These unexpected gifts bring more happiness then the pre-planned ones.
Mostly its about the feelings we have for others.We should always think creatively to make  each other happy and should try to stay connected in whatever way we can.
Afterall our parents gives us so many gifts all our life and we too should think of gifting them sometimes as they feel proud and loved.Our parents do everything for us.I remember my father always brought my favourite ice-cream and I waited for him to come back from his work.Those memories always brings a big smile on my face.Our parents are our everything and we should keep trying to please them whenever we get any opportunity.All they need is our love and gifts are just an expression of our feelings towards them.Parents should be worshipped as they give us life and all life's luxuries.We should always try to keep find such dil ki deal.

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