Important Things In My Life To Celebrate Life

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Today I will share about the things that are necessary in my life to stay happy and celebrate every moment of life.I never believe in waiting for the day or year or future to celebrate life,I believe celebrating life is important on everyday basis.Happiness is not something that will come on some special day.

I start my day with a beautiful smile on my face and then rest of the day I feel peaceful.My smile is my happiness that I create on my own.My own feelings and thinking makes me feel good about me and life.For me it is important to keep watching my thoughts that in which direction they're moving and if I find that they are flowing in negative direction,I try to divert them to positivity because being positive is my way of life.So in my life the most important is to balance my thoughts.We are what we think and our thoughts becomes our actions and our actions becomes our habits.We need to beleive in ourselves in order to stay happy.Self-confidence is happiness for me as it feeds my soul,mind and heart.I dont need outwardly things in order to stay peaceful.I need inner happiness and I work for it everyday.I do need my family to be with me everyday but for me my schedule,my work,my prayers are important too which keeps me moving in life.

I like preparing breakfast for my kids in morning and when I get appreciation from them,it makes my day wonderful.I try to learn new things which makes me feel motivated every time.
Without motivation life is nothing.We need constant motivation in life to achieve what we want to achieve.We need to work on ourselves to make the person we want to become.We constantly need to correct ourselves on every step so that we can lead a happy life.My life is full of newness everyday because I am very curious person and I love to learn difficult things because when we learn difficult things,we get the confidence we need.Life is a big celebration,we just need to find our happiness inside and in outer environment too sometimes :)

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