Power Of Voice

Hi readers.
Everyday we see many things around us which we dont like and we want to change.With the power of voice to clean India campaign by strepcils #AbMontuBolega we all can raise voices against all dirty in our country. This campaign  http://www.abmontubolega.com by strepcils gave me an opportunity to express what I want to change to make India cleaner.You can find people's opinion on strepcils Facebook page here~https://www.facebook.com/StrepsilsIndia and on twitter handle too here~https://twitter.com/StrepsilsIndia
I would like to speak up for Child Labour.Everyday we see so many kids doing hard work on roads and this makes me feel weak that I am not able to do anything for them.Through this campaign I want change the conditions for children of our country.When I see a small boy working in a tea shop,cleaning dishes and getting scolded by the owner of Dhabas ,I feel like doing something for them.At this age they should be studying in school and this is the right time to learn things in life.They are loosing their innocent childhood  working at this less age.
 Can we do something for them?There are many kids who are spending nights on footpath in chilling winter cold without covering their full body.Our authorities dont see these poor kids when they cross roads.Who will do that something for these kids.I am not capable of doing anything for the, but I can only raise for them.That is my power,my power of voice.
Few days back I went to one of my friend of friend's place.I saw a thin boy who must be 10-11 years old.He was working in the kitchen cleaning all the dishes,serving food on table and he was also being scolded by the lady of house.I wanted to stop it but I couldnot because it was not my home where I could tell people what is right and what is wrong.It was someone else's place so I thought of keeping calm.But when I came back home,his picture was in my mind for so many hours.I kept thinking what can be done for such poor kids.They are at the age of going to school and learn many things and then later on they should learn the ways of earning.But their life is starting with earning for them and their families.At this age they should be taking interest in playing games with their friends but they are getting scolded for their mistakes which will only fill their heart with negativity and inferiority complex.I dont know why some people are poor and some are rich.Why all this is happening but I know but thing that if I raise voice against this then it might bring some changes for the welfare of these kids.
The only solution to this problem is speaking up our thoughts then only our voice will reach to ears of people who can do something about this issue.Lets we all join hands together and support this campaign #AbMontuBolega and speak our views and lets get heard.Then we can call our India a Swach Country for all.



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