Bring Back The Touch

Hi dear friends!
I agree that we all share a passionate relationship but sometimes we need to put some efforts in rekindling the lost spark and chemistry between us.Here  I share my story.When I got married,I and my husband didnot get much time to spend with each other because ours is a joint-family.We hardly got time to stay together as big family means more responsibilities.I was involved in household chores and my husband spent most of his time in office.I am not blaming him as he is the one who works hard to earn and fulfill all our needs and desires.Gradually so many months passed and everyday I felt emptiness.Whole day I used to think why something is missing and what it is thats missing between us.I was happy but not very happy.Then after thinking a lot I realised that I was missing that touch and I had to bring it back in our life to bring back the old happiness.Everything needs to be renewed with time and in the same way there is always a need to renew our relationships.This we can do buy gifting presents to our partner,making them laugh,showing those romantic gestures and by holding hands for so many hours.I asked my husband one day,"do you think we are missing something"He was too lost in his responsibilities.I looked at his face and I realised that he too was missing something badly but due to work-pressure,he could not understand what was it that was missing.I asked him to calm down for 1 minute and forget about the whole world and responsibilties.I held his hand and we sat together for some hours.We promised to each other that we will never miss these moments in our life from that day onwards.



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