Book Review:God Is A Gamer

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Today I will review God is a Gamer book which I just finished reading.It is a book by thriller write Ravi Subramanian.I was curious to read the book because on the book cover it was mentioned Is Revenge a Crime.I wanted to know the answer.

It starts with a new concept of Bitcoins,digital currency.Swami,who is a banker comes to know that his neighbour,one aunty was a victim of Internet Banking fraud and swami gets really upset to know about people's unawareness towards bank safety measure.He informs his colleagues about this and everyone in the bank is unable to solve this big problem.Not only this,but the problem gets even worst when the number of such cases increases and the blame comes on Swami,He tries to sort out this issue and involves his friend Aditya and Sandeep who is upset with his game site Indiscape's bad situation because he notice that its not growing like earlier.then Aditya's son ,Varun comes to rescue & help Aditya's & Sundeep's company grow again by using his knowledge on how to promote the games more on social media.He tries to apply his social networking knowledge by adding facebook shares,etc to get more revenue from games.He gives an all-new direction  to gaming site & in no time,their website becomes one of the top gaming sites.All credit goes to Varun,who was earlier spent some days in jail,now earns his father's trust & love.Because of his efforts they take their game to an all new level.But then the problem of software malware arises and all of a sudden there is decrease in the number of visitors at their site.They see that their gaming site is even removed from the net due to FBI's order till the investigation get completed.
Tanya,who is Varun's love gets in depressive mood after her mother Malvika's death.Whether it was murder or suicide,that remains a mystery.the story takes  many turns,and many stories run parallel.Sometimes it becomes interesting and sometimes the story goes slow.Real faces of all the characters reveal one-by-one.
Tanya is Varun's girlfriend in the story.Varun is a very smart guy who take revenge very smartly.Their romance brings some romantic touch to the story.
Then so many mysteries gets solved one by one.
In this book many real names of companies has been used by the writer.I found the system of Bitcoins currency really confusing but other readers might find it really interesting. Read this book as its really entertaining.Its a mix of murders,crimes,investigations.Its a good book for people who love to read thriller books.I enjoyed the book too.

Title-God is a Gamer
Authore-Ravi Subramanian
Price-Rs 299
Pages 310

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