A healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

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We all know how important it is to take good care of our child's health because if our child is healthy then we all feel happy but if our child is ill,our home becomes ill as we all feel unhappy.So its really important to take good care of kids as they bring smiles on everyone's face.First we should make sure that they eat healthy and in balance.We should try to give them home-cooked food as much as possible because sometimes they eat outside and they fell ill and we dont come to know the reasons for they sickness.They should be taught to exercise daily and play outdoor games because if they sit at  home and play games than this might lead to  obesity and it will bring lots of diseases.It is very important to develop good habits in every child as these good habits keeps them healthy whole life.Every mother do her best to keep her children healthy and happy.She provide them nutritious food.But every mother also knows that one product which is very important to her child's immunity is Dabur Chyawanprash.She never fails to serve one or two spoons of it everyday to her children to protect them from illness.
Dabur Chyawanprash is a must product for healthier generation and healthy nation.It provides 3 times immunity.It is a time-tested,age-old formulation and has a number of herbs like Amla,known to be one of the best anti-oxidants,Giloy(Guduchi),known to have immuno-modulatory properties,and more than 40 other natural ingredients.Dabur Chyawanprash increases immunity by 3 times,and hence protects against illness.
At times,there are germs like bacteria and viruses everywhere and our immunity system needs strenghthening to be able to cope with various infections and diseases.Dabur chyawanprash helps to strengthen our body's internal defence mechanism-the immune system-thereby protecting us from day to day infections such as cold,cough,etc.
Not only children but I suggest that even adults should include it in their daily consumption as its really important for us too because we take care of whole family so its really advisable to include it in our diet.
Dabur chyawanprash's magnificient brew of Ayurvedic herbs strengthens the body's natural defence mechanism by stimulating or NK cells (natural Killer Cells) .NK cell assist in fighting with virus and bacteria in our body and gives us increased immunity from various infections.
Not only this but recent scientific studies conducted on Dabur Chyawanprash have proven its immunomodulatory and anti-allergic potential.

To make it more yummy to chiildren,Dabur Chyawanprash now comes in many delicious flavors.It comes in sugar free pack too.It comes in mango and mixed fruit flavor.
And I am glad to inform you all that Dabur chyawanprash is voted as the power brand of the country and is trusted remedy for cold and cough for majority of Indian household.Dabur is the first branded Chyawanprash in the country.

Do you also eat chyawanprash?Do you agree with me?

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