A girl when gets married has to leave her parents, siblings, relations, home and accept in-laws relations as hers. It is difficult turn of life but almost every girl has to go through it and I was no exception to it. Things turn up easy for such acceptance when lot of co-operation is received by the girl from her in-laws. Similar is my case. It was love cum arrange marriage. Nevertheless whatever kind of wedding it is adjustments are expected by new family member. My mother-in-law outwardly appeared as “Typical Saas” of daily soaps, but deep inside she is full of love and bears respect for everyone. I was married to her first son so for her as well it was the first time relationship. But her matured nature and apt understanding made it so easy for me to adjust to new surroundings and family. She told me about likes and dislikes of each family member. She narrated past incidents where she tackled awkward situations in family. She even made me aware of nature of each family member and how to deal with them smartly with confidence.

I did not know cooking thoroughly. However I had a liking of it. She turned this liking into passion by teaching me how to cook many tasty dishes. Her tips and advices in kitchen are fantastic. I was lazy kind of girl when it came to household chores. She taught me time management and smart skills to finish off household chores in jiffy. She lives by principle “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. She wants each and every corner of home clean and dust free. I learnt so much from her about how to manage home and at the same time work for living.

Unfortunately my mother-in-law is not literate but this hasn’t affected her talent as a business woman. Yes she is doing business of garments since last 25 years and raised her kids and supported family in adverse financial conditions. She is a hard worker who is gifted with excellent communication and convincing skills. She confidently sells her products and her customers really admire her for help in getting right products for them. Without any bookish knowledge she runs her business smartly and keeps accounts for everything. She has necessary skills to handle difficult situations of business. She enjoys with my son and becomes kid like him. She leaves all stress at her work place. She skillfully hides such issues and addresses them on her own. After successfully coming out of any tricky situation she shares things with us. She doesn’t have the habit of transferring her tension to us as she feels that we are already stressed up with work and by sharing her worries she will add up to our tension. This shows that she is very kind hearted person.

Ups and downs are faced by every family and when such situations were in front of us she stood with me hand in hand. She pointed out her son’s (my husband) mistake in whole matter and took him to task for his deed. She said before daughter in law she is my daughter and before a daughter she is a lady and it is necessary for me to support her when each one of you is against her. It was hardest time of my life, but I overcame it only because of her love and support to me.

Even though she is not much interested in latest trends she is keen I live up to them. She says in my young days I did not pay attention to myself owing to double responsibilities of earning and taking care of family, I want you to live to your dreams and thereby fulfill my unfulfilled desires. As a blogger I am very fortunate to be a known personality and whenever someone praises me for my achievements in my career I see pride in her eyes and happiness in her heart for me. I have seen respect for myself in her eyes and words whenever I do something and she blesses me with all her heart. When I do anything wrong she calmly makes me understand my mistake and expects that I do not repeat it. She has helped me to evolve from a pampered daughter to responsible and lovable daughter in law. I am really fortunate to have such a mother-in-law. I wish her good health and long life. I know I have made a lot of mistakes but her loving heart has accepted and forgiven everything as her own kid. She has proved that not all mother-in-laws can’t accept their daughter-in-laws as their own daughter. Love you Mummyji you are definitely Yashoda Mata for me.

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