Hey everyone,

We Indians are unafraid to voice our opinions,we speak in favour of things we think are right and we raise our voice for things we think are not right. In the same manner,we exercise our right of freedom by wearing our individuality on our sleeve.We choose our clothes,we do shop for things we love and we dont need permission from anyone for maintaining our freedom of fashion.

This Independence day I would love to wear green because green is the color of balance and growth. I believe in self-growth and my fashion speaks about me loudly in whatever I wear.

I am a free girl who is happy in pair of jeans and blouse.I love simplicity and my way of dressing expresses this so well.From my unorganized closet,I took out this green simple blouse and green floral footwear to match with it.Floral green footwear to express my love for nature and flowers .I will pair my green blouse with blue denims to create my free look.I dont take hours to look good,I just like the way I am and presenting myself the way I like.Because I have freedom of fashion and Freedom to #WearToExpress.

I dont need to look for fashionable garments anywhere because Jabong is my one stop solution for all my fashion requirements.


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