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I am so happy to share my extraordinary bond with my sibling. Me and my brother share a bond like none other.I love celebrating Raksha Bandhan ,because this is one festival which celebrates the special bond of love between brothers and sisters. Every year I feel that our bond strengthens more and more.Every year when I tie the sacred rakhi on my brother's wrist,it is not just the Rakhi but its my love and a promise that we will be with each other during happy and difficult times of life. I believe this the purest form of relationship that siblings share together. In this relationship, we love each other unconditionally.

My brother was my first enemy and my first best friend too.There was time when we used to compete with each other and now we're each other's greatest supporters.I used to get jealous of him and was busy in proving me right in front of our parents but now we value each other and our talents.Arguments are inevitable but I pray that I never break our precious bond.Our parents and our siblings are the people in our life who will always love to see us smile.Having siblings means having best friends from cradle to grave. I have the best from in this world and I know what it means to have a loving brother in our life. I can call him anytime of the day and I am always sure that he would answer my call and will solve my problems in the best possible manner.

I never had any idea that my brother will understand me more than myself.He understand my silence and cheer me up and never me alone when I am facing crucial phase of life.He never put any restrictions on me,on what I wear. He gives me freedom to live my life like I want. He never dominates me.

What I dont like about Raksha Bandhan is some sisters still expect big and expensive gifts from their sibling. Raksha Bandhan is a sign to celebrate the
I never ask for any gift from my brother but he always surprise me with the best gifts. I wish this time I get gift from http://www.Jabong.com/

I am feeling happy to share #selfiewithsibling


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