#UseYourAnd Things That Define Me

Hello All..
Today's topic is about things that define me .I am passionate about cooking and taking care of my family.This makes me what I am.Cooking is my passion.I am not perfect at it but I keep trying to master this art.When my family and friends appreciate me for my culinary skills,it makes my day.I am a mother and my family is my first priority but that doesnt make me stay away from my passion because passion is something we all live by.We can't be limited by one label.We can so many interests like pursuing our career in our desired field and also taking caring of our family side by side.Working women can handle the household too and that too very well without giving a chance to anyone to complain them.
I am a good cook and I would love to pursue my career in cooking.I love to write about my recipes too and sharing it with friends and relatives.I like to keep updated with latest trends in fashion which also makes me what I am.I want to do many things at a time without keeping myself stick to just one thing.I love to express my creative self by trying new DIY's and doing things which keep me involved.
I beleive in women power and we can handle many jobs at one time and which makes all women very special.Women do not know their worth and some women never get opportunity to know their worth and they consider them good only for household chores which I think is not fair.Some women do household work forcefully,its time that all women should be given opportunity to know their passion better.
I thank Blogadda for giving me this opportunity to write about this beautiful topic and again I got to remind myself what defines me.
I can say I am a self-made women.

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Have a great week ahead.


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