My Journey From No to And

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I am writing about my journey from OR to AND and how I did not choose to compromise with my life and rather selected a life of my choice.Many people came in my way of pursuing my work.They had this belief that women should always work at home and not move outside from four walls.But this did not make me weak because what other thinks about us should be secondary and what we think about ourselves is primary.Out life's goal is defined by us only and not by others.Life is too short to follow what other people expects us to do.We have all the freedom to love it and live it.I had option to stay at home mommy but I choose to be a mommy AND also do my work outside home.I never allowed anyone else to decide what is right for me because we should follow our heart always as that decision only makes us feel great in life.Today nobody might be interested in helping us pursuing our job but when we become successful,then those people will come to congrats us.We dont have to let others affect our decisions because its our life.Life is beautiful and we should do what makes us happy and content.
I made my life happening so many things in one life,AND I am a homemaker,I am a working women AND I am cook who enjoys cooking and also loves teaching it to others.
I never go against my heart.I follow it blindly and put all my efforts in the direction it takes me to.Life brings us so many roads and we get only few options to select one or other road,but I selected two things,being a homemaker and also a working women.



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