Watery discharge in women: causes and management

Watery discharge from vaginal opening is an issue many women suffer from but are
 hesitant to talk about. Well, there is nothing to be embarrassed about as it is very 
important to understand our bodies in order to distinguish between what is worrisome 
and what is not.

Clear and essentially odorless discharge from vagina is totally normal. It is indeed a 
healthy sign and indicates that your body is working well. This type of discharge is
 not associated with itchiness, burning sensation or pain. A clear, watery discharge
 helps to maintain the normal pH levels of your vagina and provides a friendly environment
for growth of bacteria and yeast.

You may find that this kind of discharge increases during Ovulation, during pregnancy,
 after intercourse. Watery discharge during periods might hint towards:

Hormonal imbalances
In case of normal, wet, watery discharge there are no other associated symptoms.

How to manage clear watery discharge:

Use baby wipes to clean the area
Use a thin sanitary pad or panty liner to absorb the wetness.
Change underwear often and use cotton fabric undies.

Types of vaginal discharges that should ring a bell:
Yellow discharge
A Yellowish tinged discharge when accompanied by a fishy odor indicates Gonorrhea
 infestation or bacterial vaginosis. Other symptoms, such as: itching, burning on passing
 urine and pain while having intercourse might also be present.
Cheesy Discharge

A discharge that is cheesy and somewhat thicker indicates bacterial vaginosis or yeast
 infection. Bad smell often accompanies this discharge.
Green Discharge
Women will most often notice Green discharge along with  redness of sexual parts, 
itching and discomfort in passing urine. This indicates Chlamydia or Trichomoniasis.
 Women might also have abdominal pain and fever along.

Gray Discharge
Gray discharge is again a sign of some sort of Bacterial Vaginosis. Bad odor, swelling
 in vaginal area and pain are the commonly associated symptoms. 
Such kind of discharges need medical attention, immediately so that the appropriate 
drugs can be administered to you. 
Try not to self medicate.
Visit your health care provider asap.

Go commando at night to allow ample ventilation of the vaginal area.
Wear cotton undies
Certain natural herbs can help tackle this issue. Some of them being:Vitamin C, 
D-Mannose, Saraca ashoka and Cimicifuga Racemosa


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