Dil Ki Deal Story

We all have come across many incidents in life which made us think that we should do something unique for our family and friends and we blindly followed our heart's calling.And the results are always amazing when we hear our heart.This is what I believe because I am a person who just loves to keep doing something for my family to make them feel loved.
This Dil ki Deal was very close to my heart as it was for my daughter.When we are in school,we only loved things like school bag,new uniform whenever we enter new class every year,new shoes when our old shoes looks so old and tight.New water bottle for those summer days when we feel so thirsty and a new tiffin box to make our food look attractive and fresh.These things brings so much happiness and only a school kid can understand all thes feelings.Sometimes,its about buying a new drawing art file and sometimes the happiness is all about new water colors.The new pencil box can bring a million dollar smile n our kid's face.
So my story is about my sweet relation with my daughter.From the day she started going to school,I took care of all the things she needed.But one day,when it was her fancy dress competition in her school.I was unable to fulfill her wish but after trying a lot I was successful in making my daughter.Her father was out of station and her competition was announced just one day before her function in school.I knew her choice was very good and expensive too as we always fulfilled all her wishes as she is our little princess.But I felt that I wont be able to fulfill her wish,but still I managed.I borrowed some money from my sister and went to the shopping mall in her all time favourite shop.She picked the expensive and attractive blouse and so costly jeans.I paid the bill but this deal was dil ki deal as I was the only one who could help my daughter in participating in fancy dress competition.She was so happy which made me happier.I returned money to my sister when my husband came back to home.This incident made me feel more connected to my daughter as she understood that her mother loves her really and she can go to any extent to make her feel like an angel.
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