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I am writing this post for The Real Beauty Bloggers Contest organized by BeautyGlimpse.Com

1.For this contest first I have to share my beauty or health secrets.
My beauty secrets are~
1.I drink lots of water which helps in keeping my skin hydrated and healthy
2.I apply aloe vera gel on my face everyday to keep it glowing and spot-less.
3.I wash my face with deep cleaning facewash three to four times a day to keep dirt and oil away
4.I try to keep myself happy from inside because I believe when I am stressfree,I look beautiful and feel beautiful.If I am stressed then it shows on my face as my face is a mirror which shows clearly when I am happy and when I am sad :)

My Health Secrets~
1.I eat clean to keep my body healthy.I avoid junk food as much as possible.I eat food which is fat-free.For example,I eat brown bread instead and avoid white bread.I love eating eggs but I make sure that I avoid yellow part of egg.I have stopped drinking aerated drinks and I have started drinking lemon juice.I drink lots of water when I wake up in morning as it helps in loosing weight.I try to eat balanced diet and I avoid dieting as makes us weak.
2.I try to exercise everyday to keep myself physically fit because exercise is very important for me because most of the time I spend sitting online so I make sure I that I take out atleast half-an-hour to walk regularly when I am not able to exercise properly.
3.To maintain a good mental health,I try to keep myself away from negativity and stress.I sleep for 8 hours everyday because sound sleep plays a vital role in keeping us mentally fit.
4.To maintain my good emotional health,I try to maintain healthy relationship with my family members and friends because when we are emotionally strong we can handle any situation in life.

Real beauty to me means to be happy from inside and outside as well.Beauty is to feel good about myself because when I feel good about me then only I can do anything good for me and for others too.To feel positive is real beauty for me because without hope we cant move ahead in life and if we will stay at one place then our life would be nothing.So keep moving is real beauty of life.Thinking good about others,being creative and always thinking about doing new and great things is what makes me feel beautiful.To love life and to love myself is really beauty to me.I love pampering myself and loving myself as I am and(offcourse trying to improve myself by overcoming my weaknesses).I try to learn new things,thats what defines my beauty.

Now,I would like to tell you why I love is a website which gives us beauty advice and genuine weight loss tips.It provides us useful information related to health,good diet and lifestyle.This site posts useful articles with homemade solutions to cure pimples and our hair problems.I am new to this site and yet to explore this site but will try to read more posts soon as I love reading these important articles.

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