Hip Food Trends

Hello everyone,

What is the hip food trend you are liking currently?
Foods can go in and out of fashion faster than you can say.What's In and What's Out on the dining scene can change just as fast.But some of the food items are the ones which are all time favourite of many people!

But the trend which is going on these days is of Garlic Bread.I ordered Vegetable Garlic Bread from Chicago Pizza,Saket through Foodpanda.in I got my food so fast. The foodpanda is something really good for great food lovers as we can order food at anytime.I also placed order for Margherita pizza which is hip in food this summer and also the Onion capsicum pizza which can never get out of trend!
On social media sites also we can see the pictures of pizzas  and garlic bread from Italian food lovers! These have become hip food.

Pizza Margherita have set the standard and we love its taste.Popular Pizza Margherita owes its name to Italy's Queen Margherita .Pizza Margherita is now 120 years old,Isn't it amazing!
It is the new summer favourite of all friends in my group.Because this pizza can make everyone happy.This pizza was absolutely the best pizza.This margherita pizza with its roasted garlic,in house tomato sauce with fresh ingredients,fresh basil,tomatoes and cheese was absolutely amazing.If you ever get the chance,visit the Chicago Pizza!

Garlic Bread is the most popular in food these days!Everyone loves the Garlic breads~A rich,creamy pink sauce surrounds an island of a half loaf of crusty cheesy sourdough bread!After a crazy long day at work I come home and vegetarian garlic bread is what satisfies my hunger and my mood.Its crispy,its hot and its delicious.

This classic onion and capsicum pizza is famous all over the world.It has made the history of Italian food. This pizza is delicious and makes me crave for more.I love travelling and I keep trying more types of pizzas and more varieties make me a pizza fan.Pizzas are IN not just in summers but in all seasons but I love this food in summers more.

What is the food that you think is trending this summer?


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