Voting Superpower For #CRASHTHEPEPSIIPL

Voting is superpower because our votes can make good ads win and appear straight on our TV sets,while some not-so-good ads will be voted out and wont get chance to appear on TV.So we should vote wisely.First we should think whether the ads we are voting for is entertaining with a nice message with it or not.Second,ad should be really creative which can leave audience or viewers impressed with its creativity.Ad making is not easy,it needs good skills.Ads made by these participants shows that young India is full of talent and creativity.These ads are far better than the ads we usually see on TV during ad breaks.Those ads are just to promote the products or some are even non-sense.Those ads are promoted by celebrities and to impress people with celebs and not by the product quality or product's usefulness.I find the #CrashThePepsiIPL ads really interesting as these ads are made by the real viewers.They made these ads by keeping in mind what we all love to watch on TV rather than just publicity of products in ad breaks.These ads which I have selected to vote for are impressive and are capable of bringing smile on everybody's face instantly.Just watch them and enjoy.

Crash the Pepsi IPL stay happy ad is one of the most creative and motivating ad I have seen among all the ads made by participants.This ad truly shows the condition of today's youth who are always surrounded by tensions,stress,negativity and failure.They dont see any happiness in there life but thanks to their friend,or happy friend who never miss an opportunity to make them happy by inviting them forcefully on call to join him at his place.When they all come together and watch the pepsi IPL with Pepsi bottles they cant stop  their happiness to enter their life and everything becomes normal and positive.The message is very clear that Pepsi is our best buddy.

CrashThePepsiIPL free hugs video ad is amazing or I would stay very cute.the acting of guy who speaks through his board where 'FREE HUGS'is written.He tries to impress a girl who ignores her at the first glance.Then he get idea to flaunt the board with two words 'FREE PEPSI' on it.The girl cant stop herself and goes near him to drink the pepsi because Pepsi Love is True Love for all.

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?



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