Clean Shaven Look Won Hearts And THEN..?

Hi all.
Today I am going to share a story which will change your thinking on whether you guys should have clean-shaven look or stubble look.This story will let you know how important it is to keep clean-shaven look.

In our neighbourhood,few days back a boy who is my childhood friend had to go through lot of funny and embarrasing situations.Actually his parents were looking for a suitable match for his marriage.they sent his pictures to mediator aunty.She worked as a matchmaker here.The good news was that she he was selected by one family as his looks were outstanding,he was earning a handsome salary,and he was avery good natured guy.The girl's family liked him so much because of his clean-shaven look.The boy's family liked the girl's family too.Now the day of meeting of both families finally arrived.Boys family went to girl's home.And a very shocking thing happens-When girl's father asked where is the guy?Everyone was looking each other at this question because the guy was sitting in front of all.It was an embarrasing situation because the family have already seen the picture but they were not identifying him.Because in his picture,he was looking very young and clean-shaven charming boy but now without shave ,hes was looking a little older than his age.He was not looking as nice to girl's parents as he looked in his cool pictures.Now again everybody had to re-introduce the boy.Everything got settled but still boy felt bad due to this unpredicted and unthinkable behaviour of everyone and that too just because of his bearded look.So,now you guys make sure that do send pictures of your clean-shaven look to bride's family,and also do go in your clean-shaven look while visiting  your would -be bride's family.

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